About Matt Perdeck

Matt is based in Sydney, Australia. He specialises in implementing and updating technically advanced web sites.

Matt's book

Title:ASP.NET Performance Secrets
Publisher:Packt Publishing

This book shows readers how to make their web pages load faster in a structured manner. It shows how to first identify the problem area, then pinpoint the biggest bottlenecks, and then fix those bottlenecks. The objective is to spend your time and energy where it counts most.

The book covers all environments and technologies used by web sites:

·         the web server (IIS 6 and 7, ASP.NET 3.5 and 4);

·         the database server (SQL Server 2008);

·         Internet proxies (caching);

·         the browser (caching, JavaScript, render behaviour, images, JavaScript, CSS).

Pinpointing the biggest bottlenecks is mainly done via waterfall charts, performance counters, SQL Server dynamic management views and tools such as CLR Profiler.

Subjects addressed by the book include:

·         The operation of the heap, and ways to reduce memory use;

·         Ways to reduce CPU use;

·         An in-depth description of caching, as provided by the browser, proxies, IIS and ASP.NET.

·         Optimal use of IIS worker threads through asynchronous programming and IIS configuration changes.

·         Finding and optimising expensive SQL queries, identifying missing SQL Server indexes  and optimising locking of database objects.

·         Optimising the use of ViewState, such as through compression or storage on the server.

·         An in-depth description of response compression, as provided by IIS 6 and 7.

·         Having the browser interact with the server asynchronously, to improve responsiveness and reduce bandwidth. Options discussed include UpdatePanels, Page Methods, Web Services and WCF Data Services combined with the ASP.NET AJAX 4 DataView and AdoNetDataContext objects.

·         Optimizing image loading, including image file size reduction, boosting parallel image loading and improving browser caching of images.

·         Improving JavaScript and CSS loading, including minification, preventing blocking of page rendering, and on demand loading.

·         Creating a load testing environment, using WCAT and Visual Studio Ultimate edition to generate load.

Matt's articles

·         Package that speeds up loading of JavaScript, CSS and image files
Improves web site performance by combining and minifying JavaScript and CSS files on the fly. Improves image caching and loading. Very easy to add to any ASP.NET web site.

·         LINQ to CSV library
Easy to use library to use CSV and tab delimited files with LINQ queries.

·         Quickly add reports to your website
Shows how to add a Crystal Reports report to an ASP.NET page, with grouping, filtering, and drill down.

·         Multi Block Fader, with Pause/Continue and Previous/Next Support
Save screen real estate with easy to use script. Fade photos, news items, etc. into the same location without the overhead of a library such as jQuery.

·         Numbered And Bulleted Lists for Silverlight
Counterpart of HTML's ol and ul tags for Silverlight

·         Tall skinny data columns using improved WrapPanel for Silverlight
Reusable code to do narrow data columns with navigation buttons, such as address lists.

·         Dynamically Invoke A Method, Given Strings with Method Name and Class Name
This article shows how to call a method given a string with the method's name and class